Advent aims to redefine healthcare delivery through patient centric strategies and innovation to create sustainability. Our Vision is illustrated in the triangle placed alongside. This incorporates the philosophy, which drives our work.

  • The core is “ Redefine Healthcare delivery”: In the exiting healthcare delivery environment there is a great amount of mistrust between the doctor and patient, patient doctor and institutions and the dilemma of whether to get treated in the public sector or in the private sector. It is our vision to help redefine the process of healthcare delivery in an environment of trust and transparency along well-defined delivery processes.

  • “Patient centric strategy” is the top of our triangle. The patient is the most important component of the entire healthcare process. They are the reason of existence of healthcare institutions and are responsible for “ providing the funds for the entire process”.
  • “Sustainability” forms one end of the base of our triangle. We believe that it is easy to create and the greater challenge is to be able to sustain over the years. Both in the way we function and the way we approach projects, we always have the issue of sustainability as an important consideration.
  • “Innovation” forms the other base of the triangle. We believe innovation will drive the change and it is important to break out from past practices and adopt newer processes, technology to redefine healthcare delivery to move forward