Advent was established in 2003 by a small and thoughtful team who were intrigued by the projected challenges and opportunities in healthcare in India in the coming years. This had received great visibility as a result of a World Bank and CII report the previous year.

The challenge was integrating the “public health” demand of equitable distribution of basic healthcare recommended by the World Bank with the “highly attractive profitable private healthcare sector” highlighted by the CII report.

In our assessment the “patient” is exposed to both the public and private and is the most important element in the healthcare chain. He needs to be guided and looked after with compassion – hence “patient centric” became our mantra!

Advent continuously monitors the changing global and national healthcare trends and understands the need for a standardized, quality controlled and accountable healthcare system.

Over the last decade we have provided a range of services from strategy consulting to managing and operating health services and have worked with clients within India and across the world both in the public and private sector.

Advent is based in Delhi and has presence in other parts of India and with partners in other parts of the world.

Our Services

Strategic Advisory Services

Served as core of our business for past decades and services offered are along with different verticals.

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Operational Services

The insight gained through monitoring national and global trends has helped define opportunities for providing operational services in some niche areas.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Services

The first hyperbaric treatment center in a private hospital was established in India by the founder of Advent and has been a core focus for further growth.

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Medical Education Resources

The growth in healthcare has created a need for educational and training facilities to meet the growing need of trained manpower to support India’s healthcare growth.

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learnNheal springs from Advent HealthCare Pvt ltd founded by Dr Tarun Sahni. Our e-learning solutions are modular, accessible in your own time, at a much lower cost than traditional courses.

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In emerging global trends and changing healthcare delivery models Advent has defined an opportunity in “Medical Value Travel” and on the process to leverage its existing understanding and relationships to participate in this area of healthcare delivery.

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Our Prestigious Clients