• Advent conducts diving medical courses in association with KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd (KBAT) established in Singapore to meet the growing demand for specialized offshore industry training. KBAT is the only IMCA-approved training provider centre.
  • KBAT provides an Independent service to the Offshore Oil and Gas, Marine Civil engineering works and telecommunications cable services well in excess of 50 years, dealing in operations and management of Subsea, Industrial, Marine and Inspective projects. 
  • We conduct wide range of courses which include air diving supervisor, bell diving supervisor and diving medical technician courses for onshore and offshore divers since 5 years . These courses will provide the attendees with IMCA-approved certification that is recognized by industry bodies worldwide. The course provides commercial divers with the required training to become certified IMCA Diver Medics.
  • Advent and KBAT with its team of qualified and experienced trainers  provide participants to build in confidence and help them acquire best of knowledge.